After Alvin was discharged from the army IN 1953, he attended GI School at Greensburg. That led to taking an electrical course at the Southeastern Career Center.

His uncle, Henry Pohlar was a building contractor & was starting a new house. He said “Wiedeman, you can do that” & the heating portion of the business started.  Bud called Williamson Company in Cincinnati & they directed him to a salesman in North Vernon, Cecil Kitner. He became a “godsend” & a very close friend. You must realize in those days, furnaces were very low tech & were mainly electrical controls.

We operated the business out of our home for years. After a short while Bud decided the bookkeeping end was not for him.  Janet started doing the books and she continues till this day. Bud got braver & installed his first a/c unit in our home.

Bud had worked at Hillenbrand’s during that time, but in 1970 decided to go full time in the business.

When Scott graduated from high school, he attended ITT for HVAC & five years later Stan graduated and then attended J. Everett Light Career Center and joined the business too.

Around that time, it was decided that we might branch out to a store front. Hornberger’s were considering building a store on Neiman St. in Sunman for their plastering business. So, they agreed on a multiple business building. At the end of our tenure there, the first pellet stoves were being introduced.

When Selke Brothers Hardware Store was going to be sold, it was decided to add the stove business with the hardware line. We moved over to Meridian Street in 1991. Instead of the pellet & wood stoves being a side line of our business they became an important part. So the business matured into a full line of heating & cooling, stoves & fireplaces.

Scott & Stan assumed ownership in 2000 when Bud retired. Saying Bud retired wasn’t exactly true because he still came to the store and helped out.

When the feed mill became available it was deemed a good fit for us, as the driveways were together & it was just the right thing at the right time.

When approached by Family Dollar about purchasing the property it was an interesting thought. Then realizing that the property on St. Rd. 46 was available all of the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together.

Over a year of agonizing, contemplating & planning, things came together & the move was made.

Scott & Stan have worked tirelessly & have seen their dream come to realization.

With the help & encouragement from family & friends they have seen this building transformed into a beautiful showroom with very functional offices & warehouse space.